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Realistic Games brings Roulette to life

Home » Realistic Games brings Roulette to life Casino content supplier Realistic Games is giving players the chance to get even closer to the action with the launch of Realistic Roulette, its first 3D table game. Created in a live environment, the game has been delivered in cutting-edge technology, recreating the land-based experience for players on mobile, tablet and desktop, providing unrivalled clarity. The premium product has been built using the latest WebGL technology, which – as similar to their recent launch, Black Ice – allows players to tilt, pan and change the view of the game. Realistic Roulette also uses real life land-based ball spins to ensure that the player gets the best possible experience. Realistic Games commercial director Robert Lee added: “As we have seen with slots, customers are attracted to a quality product which has been thoughtfully put together and contains innovative features. “Realistic Roulette is a high-end table game that is unlike anything else on the market. More experienced players will love its authenticity, whilst the younger generation will appreciate its top-quality graphics, sound, and animation. “We’re delighted to have been able to harness the latest technology to produce something truly unique and give our operating partners a genuine point of difference when it comes to this very important part of their product portfolio.”

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